Casino definitions

Casino Definitions

Casino is a collection of many interesting games.Below we present our "Vocabulary casino".The guide contains basic terms,which every player should know.

Bet – Any form betting
Bust – When a player “is burned” in BlackJack. That is to say somebody exceeded the 21 of his  cards, 22 and above. The player losses his bet.
Chips – are used in the games of Casino. They are small disks, that show above their value and each one correspond in the sum that is entered.
Collect – When a player presses this button, he cashes in his cash.
Credits – the units, that a player has and according to them he has the ability to bet.
Deal – the croupier or dealer shares cards in a game of cards.
Deposit – the player deposits money with any of the available ways and afterwards uses this value to be credited in different games.
Double Deck Blackjack – BlackJack has various versions. In this game two deck of cards are used mixed together.
Double Down/Doubling – the player of BlackJack has the choice to double his betting, when has been given first two cards.
European Blackjack – This version of BlackJack is widely widespread in Europe. Here it is played with mixing six deck of cards.
Even Bet – Bet, that attributes in profits precisely the sum that was bet.
Flat Bet – the player bets precisely the same amount each time.
Free spin – When the player is not charged nothing for a rotation in Slots.
Hand – the cards, that the player was given in a game of cards, such as BlackJack.
High Roller – the player, that places big bets.
Hit – When a player pulls a card in BlackJack.
Inside Bets – Betting in the roulette. Here the player can bet on numbers. These can be or individual number like 2, 3, 4 and 6 numbers simultaneously.
Insurance– In the event, that the dealer in BlackJack, has open strong card, the player makes this move so to decrease his potential losses.
Limits/Stakes – this sum functions as the minimum and maximum acceptable bet, that can be played by a player each time. Focusbet offers a big range of Limits or Stakes.
Lobby – When you are connected in your account you will be transported in Lobby, where you can select the game of your liking.
Max Bet – the biggest bet, that it can be made by a player, in each visit in slots. If this button exists, you can select it and you will automatically bet the biggest acceptable bet for the game.
MicroLimit – this game here is played with very small limits/stakes.
Multiplier – the player can select this so that his payments can be multiplied.
Outside Bets -Betting in the roulette. Here the player can bet on colours or other areas,  like odd or even numbers.
Push/Draw – the player and the dealer have the same hand and the sum of betting is returned to the player.
Spin – Each time the player turns the Slots and bets.
Split In BlackJack, the player can separate his two leaves in two separate hands.
Surrender – In the event that the player wants to resign from a particular hand, with the aim to decrease his potential losses.

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