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Slots Machines in Focusbet

Casino offers a big range of world famous games, to the visitors. Slot machines, known also as a fruit machines, or fruits, have become the most popular form of gambling in the casino. Therefore, fruit machines are an important part of the casinos. Nowadays they offer a big selection of the stationary slots and even bigger variety of theirs online version.

Focusbet, in its casino, offers a slot machines in their classic form and  in video slots with a lot of interesting modifications, always with legality and safety.

The History of Slots

The name “slot machines" results from the fact that the instruments had slots in which the players placed their money, while the term “fruit machines" comes from  the pictures of the fruits on the machine such  as lemons, cherries, bananas etc.

The first slot is dated from 1895 in San Francisco of USA. Nevertheless, a similar slot machine based on the slots existed from 1891, however that did not give the money.If won,the player was entitled to a free beer,drinks or cigars,depending on establishment.

In 1895, therefore, Charles Fei created the first automated instrument in order that the profits of player come out directly from it, but the fact that the combinations of poker were many in order to it to fit in a such automated machine, Fei made things simplier.
Thus therefore, it placed three rolls, that had above the five symbols: petals, diamonds, hearts, walking sticks and a Bell of Freedom (the American symbol Liberty Bell). In this way, the likely winning combinations were decreased, something that helped in its creation of automatic payment to the player. Whoever achieved three same symbols, he won, with the three bells yielding the most profits.

From there onwards, the game began to become very popular and the variants continuously becoming more. In some of them the profits were fruits, with flavours of fruits on the turned rolls. The melons, the cherries and the all remainder symbols resulted from this change. Also the symbol BAR, that is henceforth enough known and connected with slots came from the logo of the company that manufactured chewing gums, Bell-Fruit Gum Company.

The Technological Development of Slots

In 1963, the first electromagnetic machines were created, in which it did not need to be monitored by an employee, while was completely automatic and could pay the player until 500 coins. This development of the machines led progressively also to the withdrawl of the slots pull.

Fruits Video

Up to the middle of the `70, slots they had always symbols printed on the rolls, that determined when somebody gained or no. However in 1976, the first machine video slots were created, that afterwards found enormous impression and became one of the most popular games in casinos of Las Vegas and not only.

Fruits Online

With the development of technology, it didn't take too long for the slots to transfer to online casinos, that were created all over the world. A lot of companies, that offered bets like sportsbetting , they also opened new departments for casino, where they offer land casino in the form of computer mobile or tablet.

Variants and Inspiration

The games slots have exceeded henceforth their classic form and they have taken dimensions with many variants where they circulate. Firstly, they have exceeded their initial number of rolls and henceforth they exist with 5, 7, 9, or even more rolls, while the symbols have taken inspiration from daily things, like pop culture, from cultures of countries and many other.

The game slots has enormous history, above 100 years, and simply their interactive form seats as one of the most popular games so much in land casino and in online casinos.

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