The game of Roulette

The Game of Roulette


The Roulette is the game that is unbreakably connected with the casino and perhaps it is the most popular game from all casino games, while surely the most recognisable and famous.

Between the visitors in the casino it will be difficult to find somebody, who does not know the roulette or has not tried to play it. The fame of the game alone can attract a lot of people.

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The History of Roulette

The Roulette first appeared in the 18th century in France. Its name emanates from French “roulette”, which means small wheel. The roulette, as we know it now, was presented in the end of the 18th century, but its much earlier version was invented in the 17th century by a French scientist called Blaise Pascal.

The game of Roulette seems to be created much later, in 1796, and it appears to be a combination of already existing games from England, Italy and France. Of course, in France, there was a game already existing with this name.

The first description of the game in its form, as we know today, is found in a French novel. It describes the game precisely as it is, marking that there are two places that give the advantage for the casino. These places are zero (0) and double zero (00). While in the beginning the zero had red colour and the double zero had black colour, in the early 1800s, in order to avoid misunderstandings, both were given the green colour.

In 1843, however, in a casino in the German city Band Chombourgh, two brothers, the French François and Louis Blanc, offered the game of roulette with one null, to compete with other casinos, which had the double zero.

The “00”, is indeed the difference that separates the American roulette from the European, which has only the “0”. Of course in America, for certain years they decreased numbers to 28 and they added apart from a “0” and “00” an eagle, that also gave more advantage to the casino. The eagle was selected as the symbol of American freedom.

In the 19th century Roulette was fully expanded across the Europe and America. At that time, after, in 1860, Germany outlawed gambling, brothers Blanc moved to Monte Carlo. It was the last place in Europe where the gambling was still allowed. There, the roulette with the “0” took enormous dimensions and it was recognized by high society in Monte Carlo. Thanks to its luxury, ambiance and glamour Monte Carlo became a gambling capital of Europe. The Roulette with the “0” acquired world fame and became the fundamental game, apart from the USA where “00” version took the lead.

Nowadays, Roulette is one of the top choices in the casinos. Both forms, American and European, are very popular across the globe, along with its online version.  

Roulette Rules

It is not accidental, that Roulette has become the most popular game in the casino. The glamour, that it has acquired through the years is not the only reason for it's enormous impression. Another important reason are relatively simple rules. It takes only few minutes to understand and get familiar with them. 

The American style roulette table with a wheel at one end is now used in most casinos. In the European roulette and French roulette version, the wheel has 37 slots representing 36 numbers and one zero. In number ranges from 1 to 10 and 19 to 28, odd numbers are red and even are black. In ranges from 11 to 18 and 29 to 36, odd numbers are black and even are red. Zero has a green colour.

Once the bets are placed the croupier starts the spin and launches the ball. When the ball drops into the slot the croupier announces the winning number and colour.

Next to the wheel there are 37 numbers, as well as other options that can be selected. This is the area where the players place their bets on a numbers, rows of numbers, columns of numbers, or colour, depending on their betting strategy.

Aim of the game for the player is to find which number on the wheel the ball will land on . In order to achieve this, players can bet with various ways, each is offered a different result.

Ways of Betting

In Roulette we have two main categories of bets: inside bets (all the bets placed on the inner section of the table, on either the exact or a range of adjacent numbers) and outside bets  (all the bets placed outside the main number grid on a roulette table, on red or black, even or odd, or the high-low).

The internal bets are:

1.) Straight Bet.  Placing a straight-up bet requires you to place your chip in the middle of a number square on the roulette table. You get paid a 35:1 odd if the ball lands on your number.
2.) Split or Two number bet. In a split bet you place your chip on the line between two adjoining numbers. You win if the ball lands on one of those numbers. The odds on this bet are 17:1.
3.) Street or Three number bet. This bet allows you to cover an entire row of the table. To bet, place your chip on the outside line of the row you want to bet on. You win if one of those three numbers comes up. The odds 11:1.

4.) Corner Bet / This bet covers four numbers. You split a bet between 4 numbers in a square layout. The chip is placed at the horizontal and vertical intersection of the lines between the four numbers. The odds are 8:1.

5.) Six Number Bet. The six line bet enables you to split a single bet between 6 numbers, to cover two rows of three numbers each. The odds on this are 5:1.

The external bets are:

1.) Column Bet. There are three columns, each of them covers 12 numbers. Bet wins if the ball lands on any number within the column you have chosen.The odds on that are 2:1.
2.) Dozen Bet. The dozens bet lets you bet on 12 numbers at a time. 3 different sections containing 12 numbers, which are; 1-12, 13-27 and 28-36. Odds on this: 2:1.
3.) Even or Odd Bet. The player chooses to gamble on the even or the odd numbers from one of the two fields, containing 18 numbers. The odds are 1:1 on this bet.
4.) Red or Black Bet.  A bet on 18 numbers. This covers all the black or red numbers. Odds on this bet 1:1.
5.) High / Low Bet. This bet divides the field into two groups of numbers. 1 to 18 (low) and 19 to 36 (high).Bet covers either all the low numbers or all the high numbers not including zero. Odds on that bet 1:1.

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