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Focusbet Affiliates Program FAQ

If you have site, forum or blog, you can become an affiliate / sales manager. Each time a player is registered and is an active user (makes a deposit) in through your site, you will receive the corresponding commission from the revenue we receive each month from this player!

Once you become our affiliate partner, you will receive the relevant email passwords to our page, from which you can track your statistics, registrations, as well as your income (Online reporting).

Your commission for a particular month is credited (bank account, Skrill, Paysafe card, Visa, Sofort, Neteller, Astropay account), to the place you provided when you registered as an Affiliate, until the 30th day of the following month. The minimum amount depositing in a bank, Skrill, Paysafe card, Visa, Sofort, Neteller, Astropay account is EUR 100. Should you be receiving less than €100, then the amount will be transferred to the next month (positive carry over).

* Please note that any costs associated with the bank transfer, will be deducted from the amount of your commission.

After clicking your banners you will be directed to our page, right click on it (, Casino) and then View Source. You'll see somewhere in the 10th row the following:

Your unique affiliate ID is XX and this is the method to check that the banners are directing to the right page with your code. In TAB Finances is showing in parenthesis your unique ID (eg. AFFILIATE: Hotels affiliate (a number).

To be eligible for commission for our site, they media (either with a banner, or text links) should be displayed in prominent places of your web site (including the homepage of your site), and there should be at least 10 active members (who have played with real money on any of our sites, & Casino, the last calendar month), which have entered through your website. Should any of these conditions are not met then you are not entitled to a monthly fee.

Yes, through the relevant section of our affiliate site but not in real time. Updated every morning (around 12:00) with the data of the previous day. If one day is not renewed for any reason (technical issue, etc.), then the update is done retroactively on the day.

There is no limit to the money you can earn. Your affiliate commission is in collaboration with the proceeds of our site ( and the registrations through your website. All our partners start with a fixed commission (revenue share) 20% in all our products / sites. Later on depending on the work you make and based on certain results, you can benefit increased commission rates up to 35%, from which you can obtain by the marketing department or the affiliate manager. You can also send us an email to

A unique code-link that corresponds to each partner. Any player/user who comes from this code (via banner or text link) is automatically registered as your own player which entitles you to a commission. You can create new Tracker if you own more than one site, so you know where they come from your records and what is the most effective campaign or promotional tool.

It is a small percentage deducted from the proceeds of the partner commission (i.e. the rake in cash games and fees for tournament) and covers the costs of the player bonus, a percentage of the taxes paid by the company to the government for permission of operation, the loyalty shop and redeem points from the affiliate / associate members. Relevant costs are added any money either from "transaction denial" (charge back), or by fraud of the affiliate member.

Negative in my profits:

Τhis simply means that your player won a bet or in casino, in which case the company loses, therefore affiliates commission is deducting the corresponding amount based commission rate. B.C. a player won € 100, so the company lost 100 euros and the X partner has an agreement for 20% commission, a negative sign -20 Euros (20% of 100 Euros.) You will not be asked or hold accountable to pay the "difference" of the money earned by your players. In such a case your account is credited to be made positive and the negative balance is transferred to the next month.

Yes you can. Contact us in this email or simply contact us in the chat room and we will provide you with the relevant details.

There is no limit to the money you can earn. Your commission as Associate / Affiliate is in collaboration with the proceeds to our site (, with your website readers and are active (Real money) players.

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